Good Bye Hanlan’s, Hello T-Dot
December 1, 2007, 8:08 pm
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Hanlan’s was fun to create but now we have to do without.  The waterfront is going through some major expansion issues which means Hanlan’s Point Park has to go.  We will get to see the Islands again sometime down the line but for now let us take a moment to say good bye.



Ok, now that the moment has past lets take a look at what the skyline now looks like.  I have included a few more Toronto BAT landmarks that I found through the Simcity4 Lot exchange site.  The buildings included the Commerce Court, TD Tower ( I am missing the second one, sucks!) and the RBC towers.

If you take a closer look at the pic below you will notice I have included the CN tower and what seems to be the closest thing I could find to the Air Canada Centre.  A few blocks north you can see Metro Hall and Roy Thompson Hall.  They seem dirty in contrast to the other buildings around, reason being they are abandoned.  The desirability for these buildings are nil, meaning the Sims have no use for them at the moment.  If you can find City Hall the same remains for that landmark as well.




From Above
November 13, 2007, 4:43 am
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2007775748_cb6e7d1f20_o.jpg Arial View

2007778646_bdde3b38c8_o.jpg Arial Transportation Routes                                                                         

Sim Toronto Transformation
November 5, 2007, 9:38 pm
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The transformation of the Beta Sim Toronto, a.k.a New City, has now begun.  My fist objective was to stretch out the space to accommodate the ready to go Toronto BAT buildings.  To start I decided to stretch the town down south from Queen to include the one way roads of Adelaide and Richmond. 

 In doing so I did loose some tall commercial buildings but they soon after grew back.  Seeing how King Street runs directly through the heart of the downtown core it seemed very important that I got the spacing just right because the majority of the ready made Toronto BAT buildings are those on King.  So what use to be my Front Street was now my King Street.  This meant that that I had to extend the shore line to make room for Wellington and Front which seems ok but from the look of things as it stands now there is a slight possibility that the actual shoreline may not fit on this square of land.


As I extended the city south I also had to keep stable the commercial growth of the downtown core.  Instead of creating new zones in the newly formed land south of King I continued to improve the existing commercial zone and left the land for another day.


After evaluating the space I figured that an extension east and west was inevitable.  The spacing for Bay and York seemed just about right but Yonge seemed a little to close to Bay.  Yonge moved east 4 blocks.  The problem with this was with all the existing buildings along Yonge, I would loose them with the move.  Luckily most of them were already made landmarks placed along Yonge to make it look like the real thing.


The Network Add on Modification (NAM) patch was the next thing on my list of things to do with this city.  The NAM patch allows users to diversify their transportation systems through new roads, roundabouts, underpasses and my favorite a ground rails.  What is a Toronto with ground rails or streetcars?  I installed the patch and started to develop an east-west line across the city starting with a line across Queen.  I am not sure if this concept will pan out exactly the way I am hoping.  Obviously, the best scenario would include stops at every intersection but from the way things look like at the moment that is not the case.  To add to the realism I also was able to find and download the skins for the TTC streetcars and busses which I would only be able to use through the NAM transportation patch.




Test City
October 26, 2007, 2:35 pm
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My first post dates way back.  Early on I had posted it on my personal blog hoping it would bring some internet readers into my mind and soon enough it did.  Ian from BlogTO picked it up and sooner than later it was a reoccuring post on one of the city’s major local blogs. For earlier work see Recent Posts.  

Although I have incorporated the new map and several new buildings the Test City as it stands today seems to be doing very well.  I have tons of money in the bank and raking in about 25k a year.  To be honest, its the best city I have ever built and I have been playing this game for years.

I tried to apply the same techniques I used for the Test City when I started the SimToronto and it did not work out the same.  I did not have a fast start as I did previously.  Sims don’t seem to want to populate the new town.  Being a little frustrated I reevaulated the Test City and focused on the possibility of keeping the Test City as the real deal.  Several problems came up but from the looks of it things look do-able.  So for the time being I have both going on. we’ll see what happens.

Map Downloaded
September 6, 2007, 8:07 pm
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After having great sucess with my test of SimToronto, I have decided to move forward with my full SimToronto experiement.  I have made the necessary modifications to my copy of SimCity4 Rush Hour edition and have downloaded the all the buildings and accessories I need to start.  This is going to take me a very long time so bare with me.  I will continue to build the test city and ease the transistion.  However, it will be sad to see the test city disapear so with that in mind they will both run.  This new city is just more to scale and will be even more realistic that the test city.  Again for now you can find details regarding the test city at

Hanlan’s Point Park
September 1, 2007, 10:41 pm
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Canada’s Closed Parks: Hanlan’s Point Park

Hanlan’s Point Memorial Park: Today


In 1914 Babe Ruth hit his professional homerun at Hanlan’s Point. Some say he hit the ball right out of the stadium and into the water.

There is no rollercoaster in the State Fair Simcity provides so the Big Wheel will have to do.

Aerial Shot I

Aerial Shot I

Sim Toronto Photo Set on Flickr

Sim Toronto: *UPDATE*

Expansion and Redevelopment in Downtown Core
June 6, 2007, 4:48 am
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Sim Toronto has expanded more than ever before with the addition of the residential neighborhoods from Bloor north to Dupont and from Spadina westward to Bathurst. Some new landmarks include Toronto Central Tech High School, Casa Loma, Varsity Stadium and the ROM. It is really too bad that I do not have the exact look a likes for these buildings. I have used the default landmarks that are given in the game. For example, I used a high school, small stadium, a landmark that kind of resembles a castle and a museum. I still have not included U of T. Remember I am a York Guy! I might just hold back including a university until I get up to Steeles, or maybe not.

Click Here to see this pic in greater detail.

One big change I made was to the Downtown Core. A block of land from Front and York up to Queen, over west to Spadina and back down to Front was initially designated as a residential zone. To be honest the land did not develop into the type of residential buildings I had hoped for. Instead it developed into a mix of low-medium houses and row houses.

Click Here to see this pic in greater detail.

As the newly added neighborhoods started to develop up in the northwest part of the city the unemployment rate began to rise. I figured this part of the downtown core would be perfect for more commercial zones. Want an update to how this addition of residential and change to commercial zoning pans out? Let me know…

Click Here to see this pic in greater detail.

Yay! Sim Toronto’s second bank, a CIBC branch on King just west of University.
What’s next?

Hanlan’S Point Amusement Park and Staduim or Island Airport? The Sims are demanding a small commuter Airport.
Expand east, west or north?

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